1. How to buy

2. Shipments

3. Safety payment

4. Changes and returns

5. Register-my account

6. Size guide

7. Discount coupon


1. How to buy


Purchase process


The purchase process of Kids me is very easy


1. Choose the type of product that you want:


  • NEW: the lattest arrivals that have arrived to Kids me!
  • BABY: clothes for babies from 0 to 24 months (trousers, dresses, shirts, skirts…)
  • GIRL: clothes for girls from 2 to 12 years (dresses, shoes, skirts, trousers…)
  • BOY: clothes for girls from 2 to 12 years (trousers, pullovers, shirts, jackets…)
  • DECO: Decoration items like beds, chairs, puffs, carpets, tables, vinyl pantintgs…
  • PLAY: Items to play with like houses, educational games, bicycles, musi, books…
  • LIFE: Baby essentials’ items like cases, puschairs, bags, blankets…
  • MATERITY: fashion and accessories for women (pregnancy clothes, handbags…)


2. Choose the product that you want to see and you will be able to access to product characteristics (characteristics, use, material, colour, size, customisation…), information about the brand that has designed the product and delivery information. Moreover, you will be able to enlarge the picture and see other products related to it. For futher information, send us an email to the following email address: hola@kidsme.es


3. Choose the number of clothes and add the product that you want to buy to your basket. You can continue buying more products by followng the same steps or formalize your purchase. Moover, you will be able to check you basket by clicking on “My basket” at any time and, if your want to, you will be able to modify the added products.


4. If you decide to formalise your oder, click on “My basket” and you just need to “Formalise the purchase”


5. If you have any discount coupon, click on “My basket” and type in your discount code before formalising the purchase so that the discount can be applied. Discount coupons are not cumulative , unless indicated in the communication of the promotion


6. You don’t need to be registered to formalise your purchase. Although, I you are registered, you will enjoy faster an easir purchases, you will be ale to check your puchase status and you will be able to receive exclusive offers. To finish you purchase process you need to enter your personal data, a delivery address, formaise you purcase and pay via credit card o bank transfer. The elivery address can be differen from the invoicin one (work place adress, one relative’s address…). You can choose between different logistic operators at your convinince (we can send it to the address that you have typed in or you can pick it up at a Kiala point near you)


7. When you formalise your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email from KIDSME.


If you have any question, you can send an email to hola@kidsme.es and we will help you by a chat, a phone cal or an email.



KIDSME will offer market prices with taxes included in the price of the produt. Delivery costs wil be added to the final total.


2. Shipments Deliveries

Shippings will be delivered by normal/ express transport to any country, although the price will vary depending on the final destination and thevolume of the product.

The shipments will be delivered to thedeivery address that the custmer preffers and can be differet from the biling one (place of work address, one relative’s address…).

You can also pick up your delivery at a Kiala point near you by choosing the Kiala’s collection point option. The shipments of products of different brands can be delivered in different deliveries or in the same delivery.

The approximate costs of shipping will depend on the destination and the volume.


For further information you can contact with our customer service department by sending an email to servicio@kidsme.es


 All (except products of extra,volume)Products of extra volumeFree from…
Spain 4,9€ 12 € +100€ FREE
Spain –Canary islands 15 € 25 € +150€ FREE
12 € 23 € +150€ FREE
15 € 28 € +150€ FREE
20 € 30 € +150€ FREE
THE REST OF EUROPE 30 € 45 € +200€ FREE
THE REST OF THE WORLD 35 € 50 € +200€ FREE

Multiple order. As KIDSME comercialises with different brands, the deliveries of different brands can be delivered in one shipment or more than on, depending on the products characteristics.



The delivery deadlines spcified in the proudct characteristics is indicative, it’s a maximum delivery deadline approximate if the product is not in stock, although it will also depend on the brand and the transport.

The delivery of orders can be done in a period of time between 24 hours and 2 weeks depending on the type of product an the brand (except some furniture than can have a maximmum delivery deadline of 8 weeks).

Orders will be delivered from Monday to Friday.


KIDS ME prmises to deliver the products that it avalable in its stock or in its providers stock. The avalability of the products is subject to the previou sellings. If the produt is avalabl, but outside periods agreed between the provider and KIDS ME, an email will be send immediately yo the customer specifying the new deadline. If the product is not sold out, it will be immediately provisioned. If the product is out of stock, it will be removed from the website of KIDSME as soon as possible.


For further information you can contact with our customer service department by sending an email to servicio@kidsme.es



Payment will be done by credit/ debit card or bank transfer. KIDSME offers a 100% secure payment method. The bank data is sended enrcrypted by a safe via, so that they do not transit through the KIDSME informatics system.



KIDSME’S returns are free.

To do any change or return you need to follow the next steps:

1. Send an email to our customer service department servicio@kidsme.es before retuning any product. 2. You have 8 woking days from the day o the reception o your order to return it if you are not satisfied with it o you want to chane any product. Outside the specified deadlin, cahnges and return will not be accepted. 3. KIDSME’s customers service will inform you as soon as they can about how to do the change or the return. We will send you a messenger that will pick up the order, without any cost. 4. If you want to change a prout, you will have to buy again he podut that you want, followng the usual process. 5. Once the return is accepted, a confirmation of reception and refund email will be end to ou. The refund wil be done within the shortest possible deadline after the reception and the checking of goods, for a period of up to 30 days. The refund procedure that the bank performs may vary, and because of that KIDSME does not guarantee the refund deadline after its confirmation.


The changed or returned proucts should be in perfect conditions and as they were delivered: Change. Changes of proucts (sizes, colours…) will be subjected to availability. If the requested product is not available, the refund will be made. Changes in underwear are not accepted. Returns. If the product is not in proper conditions, it will be changed by another new one or it will be repaired. Delivery deadline will depend on the product availbility or its reparation. The customer will be immediately informed about he status of the reclamation and will be able to decide if he/she wants a refund or he/she wants to wait for the new product. Returns in underwear are not accepted.


The transport of the returns is free. KIDS ME will only pay the return and the shipment of the product when: The size or the color are not the ones requested by the customer The product is not in proper conditions or has ben damaged during he shipment. The product we send it’s not the product that you ordered. KIDS ME pay special attention on the customer service. If you need any clarification, you can contact us by email to servicio@kidsme.es


5. Register- My account

If you want to buy in KIDS ME you can be registered or buy products as a guest. If you are registered you can stay informed about sales, special activities, information about trends, design, what’s new… The register process is very easy, you just need to follow the steps that you can see when you access to your account. You will have to type in prsonal data and delivery data. You will be able to modify your personal data and password. If you forget you password, you will be able to request anew one and we will give you a new one.



With the fashion products, size can vary depending on the provider. For this reason, in the product characteristics you will hav information about the size of the products and you will be able to access to the size guide. As wewant you to be sure about your children’s size, KIDS ME helps you with a tabl with reference values. Sizes are classified by age and height of the children (in centimetres).

If fyou need help, you can contact with ou customer services department by sending an email to clienteservicio@kidsme.es


BABY (0 to 36 months)



0 months

50 cm

1 month

51 cm

3 months

60 cm

6 months

67 cm

9 months

71 cm

12 months

74 cm

18 months

81 cm

24 months

83-89 cm



KIDS (more than 3 years)

3 years

90 - 97 cm

4 years

98 – 104 cm

5 years

105 - 110 cm

6 years

111 – 116 cm

7 years

117 – 122 cm

8 years

123 – 128 cm

9 years

129 – 135 cm

10 years

136 – 140 cm

11 years

141 – 145 cm

12 years

146 - 152 cm


7. Discount coupons

Any discount coupon will have a code that KIDS ME will send by email. While you are formalising your purchase, you wil need to type in the code of the discount coupon so that the discount can be applied.