KIDSME’S returns are free.

To do any change or return you need to follow the next steps:

1. Send an email to our customer service department servicio@kidsme.es before retuning any product. 2. You have 8 woking days from the day o the reception o your order to return it if you are not satisfied with it o you want to chane any product. Outside the specified deadlin, cahnges and return will not be accepted. 3. KIDSME’s customers service will inform you as soon as they can about how to do the change or the return. We will send you a messenger that will pick up the order, without any cost. 4. If you want to change a prout, you will have to buy again he podut that you want, followng the usual process. 5. Once the return is accepted, a confirmation of reception and refund email will be end to ou. The refund wil be done within the shortest possible deadline after the reception and the checking of goods, for a period of up to 30 days. The refund procedure that the bank performs may vary, and because of that KIDSME does not guarantee the refund deadline after its confirmation.


The changed or returned proucts should be in perfect conditions and as they were delivered: Change. Changes of proucts (sizes, colours…) will be subjected to availability. If the requested product is not available, the refund will be made. Changes in underwear are not accepted. Returns. If the product is not in proper conditions, it will be changed by another new one or it will be repaired. Delivery deadline will depend on the product availbility or its reparation. The customer will be immediately informed about he status of the reclamation and will be able to decide if he/she wants a refund or he/she wants to wait for the new product. Returns in underwear are not accepted.


The transport of the returns is free. KIDS ME will only pay the return and the shipment of the product when: The size or the color are not the ones requested by the customer The product is not in proper conditions or has ben damaged during he shipment. The product we send it’s not the product that you ordered. KIDS ME pay special attention on the customer service. If you need any clarification, you can contact us by email to servicio@kidsme.es