Like someone who goes to browse a cute little store at street level, behind this click is that cozy place that I have reserved so that in a certain way we can get to know each other better.

Hello! My name is Norma and I am the person in charge of almost everything in this colorful and happy universe that is KIDSME. This is a project, like so many other things in life, which I arrived at thanks to a succession of coincidences and which has completely changed my days. I am an interior designer by training, and as you can imagine, I pay special attention to design and its small details. I am also the mother of three, so for several years I have lived surrounded by objects that filled our house with color as the family grew. With these changes, new interests, learning and friendships arose, and one piece after the other the puzzle that brought me here was completed. First with the one who was my partner, and now me and my family with a new image and a lot of desire to have one of the most beautiful family stores on this immense street that is the internet.


In full color, like a drawing of our little ones and as tidy as we would like to see their rooms at the end of the day. This is how we wanted KIDSME to be: a cheerful store where it was very easy to navigate and find.

When you have a family that is growing, every minute is precious, and therefore, keeping chaos at bay with boxes, drawers, labels and colors is almost a must. These strategies are the ones we have used so that our entire catalog is accessible in a few clicks.

We are a family store for families looking for style and the highest quality in baby accessories, toys and children's decoration.